Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria)

An easily recognised fungus that gives a flash of colour on the woodland floor. It should not be eaten.

People experimenting with drugs have dried fly agaric fruiting bodies in order to evoke hallucinations. Visual and auditory hallucinations. I have also read urine of Reindeer which have eaten fly agaric has been drunk by people in Lapland as a hallucinogenic – but how you get urine out of a Reindeer may be difficult!


Panthercap -Amanita pantherina.

Quite a rare to find in Britain, the Panthercap They are more common in southern Europe. Its close resemblance to the edible blusher mushroom has caused many a forager to accidentally ingest a panther cap. It causes hallucinations and sickness, and in some cases may be fatal. location New Forest.

I am not a fungi expert and fungi it is particularly challenging when it comes to identifying fungi as they come in a huge variety of species and sub-species. In the UK, we have about 4500 species of fungi. About 200 are edible, 50 poisonous and the rest are inedible or tasteless.