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  1. Interesting – I like watching building implosions – lots of work setting them up so no damage is around. We had a large department store downtown (J.L. Hudson’s) that was imploded back in the 90s. This tall department store was on a street in between other stores – they had some minor damage only to the People Mover, an above-ground rail system, but that was all. But it blew up debris which swirled around for days afterward. They shut down the block – I watched it on TV and the dynamite blew out different areas, then it just dropped down. In this video at the beginning you can hear the dynamite going off.

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      • I can imagine after many years it would be odd. That was a well-planned implosion of the Hudson’s building and it was in a very busy area. However, it was a beautiful, old building that many people had fond memories of going to Downtown Detroit for the Christmas parade, decorated windows with animated creatures – there are many people who wondered why it was imploded. The debris and dust you saw lingered for a very long time.

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