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Birds and Boats.

Birds and boats at Calshot spit.

Tugs going out to meet a tanker approaching the start of Southampton water. The tug boat Phenix is one of a pair regularly seen meeting shipping coming into port. The other tug is the The Apex. These tugs have a high bridgewith 360 degree views -(although the Phenix’s bow is head up Southampton Water she is going backwards out of port in my pictures).

The shingle spit at Calsholt is home in the winter for many Dunlin and Ringed Plovers and the sheltered water behind the spit is favoured by wintering Brent Geese. Like across Southampton Water on Meon shore you are never far from a few Turnstone’s.

Ringed Plovers and Dunlin blend in well with the single.
Ringed Plover.

Fly-past Plovers and Dunlin.

We got a nice view of a single Brent Goose which was having some alone time away from the flock.

The Turnstone were braving the incoming waves to catch Sand-hopper’s being pushed on to the beach.

Morning arrivals.

A large flock of Sanderling off of the beach at Meon Shore.

The flock fly along the coast in both directions looking for their prefered landing site. I sit and wait.

A small group break off and are the 1st to land very close to were I wait.

A safe landing place to rest for the morning