Fading light.

Going to the woods as the light is fading to collect trail cameras opens up a whole new view of normally familiar countryside. Crossing fields become less easy – ditches become deeper, fallen branches become trip hazards. The creatures of the woods now rule.

Wasp Camera.

A few days ago when out for a walk I came across a wasp nest. Returning today with a plan to film it with my small trail camera on a little tripod by setting it up in front of the hole. It was more difficult collecting the camera than putting it in place!

Wren on a farm fence.

Several fungi I spotted this morning.

Fields of Yellow Ragwort.

The land where I walk is currently unmanaged and there are large areas of this bright yellow plant growing along with areas of thistles so a real haven for insects.

Ragwort is a tall plant that grows to 90cm high and bears large, flat-topped clusters of yellow daisy-like flowers from July to October. It contains chemicals that are toxic to cattle. So it is often removed on farmland where cattle graze.


Ragwort supports many species of bee, beetle and other insects including the cinnabar moth, meaning it is important to conservation in the UK.





cinnabar moth caterpillars.



Brown and Green Grasshoppers.