How the garden grows.


I do not know what this garden plant is called I have a number of large clumps around the garden, this is one of the small specimens. I originally bought a potted plant while on holiday in Norfolk from someone selling plants from the side of the road.  It likes to be damp and by mid-summer, the leaves get brown and will start to look tatty but the red flowers are a magnet for bees and insects. the flowers last right into early autumn.

I made the decision not to weed our small backyard garden this year my lockdown plan to see what grew and what would be attracted to the garden. A big clear up will be due at the end of the season!


Bee’s flies & spiders more views of the garden visitors this morning working on recording these garden visitors and residents.


6 thoughts on “How the garden grows.

  1. You have created a little paradise by making the garden during the initial pandemic and lockdown. The flower is beautiful with its bright-pink blooms. I wonder what it is – I don’t know either. Great bee and fly pics Andy – that one bee picture the bee appears to have no wings and looks very large.

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      • That was an amazing picture … I have some pictures of bees, but mostly as they burrow down into the flowers, and not as close-up as yours. It was a good decision to make the garden during the beginning of the pandemic.

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      • I sat in a deck chair and waited for the Bees to arrive – trying to get in-flight pictures – loads of blank shots- loads of out of focus- loads of 1/2 bee shots!!!!! Just glad we have digital photography today as you could never do it with the cost of film.


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