Away from the madness.

A Bank Holiday Week-end and away from the madness.

Remaining on our local patch this long week-end as it is likely to be busy at the coast and popular areas due to lockdown liftings school, 1/2 term and a forecast of good weather.

Rabbits are everywhere at the moment but not alway the easiest mammal to photograph.

In the same field as the close observation of the local alpha Roebuck Thursday we spotted this doe feeding.

To our surprise a small head appeared mum was hiding her very young kid(fawn) in the long grass.

Further along I spotted this young Roebuck – I think he is one of the twins born last year.

Something new and not seen before was picked up on our trail cameras a Muntjac deer.(buck). Also known as a barking deer or rib-faced deer. Significantly smaller than our usual Roe Deer. They are actually a native of china but escaped from Woburn Park where they were introduced in 1901. Now they are living wild and are rapidly spreading in many areas of the UK.

8 thoughts on “Away from the madness.

  1. I don’t blame you Andy. I would not want to mingle with crowds either. I spent out long holiday last weekend in the garden except for getting to Heritage Park in search of ducklings. Yesterday I went to Lake Erie Metropark hoping to see some deer. I came home with some shots of a big bullfrog (at least I hope I did – not looked at any photos from the last few weeks). So, I saw no deer, but came upon two fishermen and one said “get any shots today” as he pointed to the camera. Told him I was there for deer and he said “well you just missed one a minute ago.” Always my luck.

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