Another local nature walk.

A Common Darter dragonfly

We found a number of slow worms. Slow worms are reptiles they are legless lizards (the are not worms or snakes) We placed old corrugated roof tin from one of the old farm building around the field – the tin warms up which attracts reptiles. In the past as well as slow worms I have found grass snakes and adders. I am always on the hunt for our resident snakes – one day!

More Wasp spiders.

A Crane fly as children we call these gangly insects “daddy longlegs”

Large Red Slug (Arion rufus) this one was about the size of my thumb!

Common Blue Butterfly

Speckled Wood Butterfly

A Four spotted orbweb spider (Araneus quadratus).

Unidentified spider with an interesting web.

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