Time to Remember.


7 thoughts on “Time to Remember.

  1. I did not see a notification of your Remembrance Day post this year, but found it today after scrolling through dozens of other posts. I was sure you would not miss the day.

    The problem is with WordPress. I’ve observed that quite a number of posts do not appear immediately in the Reader, and there is no notification. Your new blog appeared for about a week, but not since. My dashboard says I’m following your blog, but the Follow function has had issues for about six months. Sometimes it will simply drop followers. WordPress is supposed to migrate followers to the new blog, but there are known glitches that have not been resolved.

    It would be ideal if you could post all of your content on one blog except that WordPress wants you to pay for extra storage. They’re already collecting money by running ads on the free blogs so what’s the difference? We can’t store 30 gigs of data on one blog, but can open ten free blogs with 3 gigs each. It doesn’t make sense.

    I was in awe reading the posts on your People Places blog, and the travel van tour of Wales. What an amazing archive of treasured memories that readers should be able to see in one place.

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    • funny I just found your post about your cloud issue today. We seem to be having more issues again with COVID so travel looks unlikely for a while. This year I did not attend a remembrance event but watch the London one on the TV not wanting to get too close to other people. Take Care Andy


      • California has reinstated the mask mandate, but a lot of people are not complying. I never took my mask off because forty percent of the population is not vaccinated and don’t take COVID seriously.

        I filmed the 3-Day Walk from a distance as virtually no one was wearing a mask. Last weekend’s holiday parade was no different. People are behaving as if everything is normal even as infections are rising.

        The pharmacist gave me a mRNA booster shot to complement the vector vaccine I initially received. Hoping the combo is effective against Omicron.

        Stay well.

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