Lockdown – extension.


From Wednesday (13th May)  we in England are now allowed to have as much “outside” time as we want and can drive to enjoy that outside time, provided social distancing is maintained. We were at the sea by 07.00hrs this morning breakfast in the van before a walk on the beach.



Views across the Solent to the Isle of Wight and Norris castle. The Castle was designed by James Wyatt as a marine villa and built-in around 1799.


At first, I thought this duck was dead but it was just sleeping. I have never seen a duck sleep like this they usually just tuck their head on their back.


No trip to the beach should be without a crab hunt.


Common Terns had arrived while I was in full lockdown and the Sanderlings had left for their summer breeding grounds.


HMS Queen Elizabeth was at anchor off Isle Wight.


A couple of favourites a Redshank and a Turnstone.


Found a new plant to me on one of the footpaths found on-line it is called Common honesty, it has oval and translucent seedheads.


Some things seem like nothing has changed however there are lots of signs of our Covid19 new normal world. A closed nature reserve and toilets and people wearing strange protective suits!



6 thoughts on “Lockdown – extension.

  1. Oh I bet your so happy to get back to the beach. We are about an hour from the coast, so I think we will leave it a while yet. Like you going to make a list of lesser known ( and hopefully quieter) places to drive to near home. Good idea! Think we’ve managed so far.

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