Lots of birds.

An early start down at the sea at Titchfield Haven. Breakfast in the van before getting our tickets into the nature reserve which re-opened yesterday after our lock-down. A bright sunny morning added to the making of a nice day with a feeling of getting cautiously back towards a more normal life.

The local sailing clubs have also opened and more yachts were on the Solent. Sailing lessons were being given in one man sailing dinghy’s .

Entrance into Titchfield reserve is by timed tickets to limit numbers in the reserve. Hides are limited to maximum of 4 people and doors and windows are kept open to comply with covid regulations. Masks also need to be worn.

Avocets had returned and were pairing up about 15 to 20 were on the lagoons within the Haven.

Several Linnets were in the small trees and gorse bushes on the paths around the edge of the reserve, they are a small, finch, once very popular as a cage bird because of its song.

Oystercatchers thinking and have claimed their poles.

Lots of Godwits were feeding in the shallow water. In the sun their Breeding colours come to the full.

Redshank. Smaller than the Godwits but larger than Turnstones and Sanderlings.

Wood Pigeon love ivy flowers and berries they sit for ages feeding on this plant.

On the shore were the usual birds – Sanderlings and Turnstone.

About 6 Shelduck were about and claiming territories. These large duck are about the size of a Brent goose.

Canada geese were mating and the black-headed gulls were pairing up. Spring is fully in the air.


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