Titchfield Haven “gulls”

A morning at Titchfield Haven National Nature reserve. My local wetland reserve and a place I spend many hours.


The Black-headed gull colony is in full on chick mode with many chicks in the open of various sizes. It is also worth noting some birds are still nest building, others are still mating and a few nests have eggs.

(sound only on 1st bit of film).

The first images show a group of the youngest chicks. At this stage they are quite cute.

The older chicks are less attractive.

The parent bird regurgitates food onto the ground and the chick eats in.

A few years ago (2018) there were very few chicks that survived due to the eggs and chicks being taken by foxes even on the islands. In 2019 an anti-fox fence and the numbers of chicks has again increased. They are still in danger from larger gulls. A Black-backed gull flew over while we were there and a large group of Black-headed gulls took the air just above the nest colony. While a couple of birds when on the attack a chased of the large predator.

small gull chases off big gull!

Wingspan:100-110cm Black-headed gull.

Wingspan:150-165cm Great Blacked backed Gull.

Also spotted today.

A little gull (Juv)

A few Mediterranean Gulls. Note the bright bill the head is really black compared to the brown head on the Black-headed gull. The coloured head on the Mediterranean gull also extends down their neck.

Several Roe deer also spotted in the reserve today.

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