Safe Haven.

A Small Copper Butterfly looking for a safe haven!

A day at Titchfield Haven – enjoying the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of petrol queuing and block roads due to cars queuing at filling stations.


9 thoughts on “Safe Haven.

    • Gone silly here there is a shortage of truck drivers less tests for new drivers due to COVID then BREXIT many European drivers went home. The supply chain to shops is not really an issue now maybe 2 brands rather than 5 at times. Petrol the BBC said it was drivers shortage reducing deliveries so people went mad


  1. How clever you (and the butterfly) are with your “safe haven” words. Sorry the petrol shortage may be messing up your day trips. The world will never be the same with this domino effect that continues. On another note, a fellow blogger from Pennsylvania is in London today participating in the London Marathon.

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